Legacy High Wall Utility 14x24 featuring 12' Dormer

Gray Shadow with Origami White Trim and

Moire Black Shingled Roof  

Includes 2x3 Windows, Z Shutters and Transom Windows   

Estate High Wall Utility 12x24

featuring 12' Dormer Navajo White

with Butternut Trim and Black Roof


Legacy High Wall Utility 10x24

Sage Green with Navajo Trim

and Black Roof

Includes Cedar Shake Accents, Z Shutters and Transom Windows


Legacy Lofted 10x24

Sage Green with Golden Wheat Trim

and Copper Penny Roof

Estate High Wall Utility 12x24 featuring 8' Dormer

Barnwood Gray with White Trim

and Moire Black Shingle Roof  

Estate High Wall Lofted 12x32 

Gray Shadow with Origami White Trim

and Galvalume Roof  

Includes (6) 2x3 White Windows, Z Shutters

and Accent Double Doors in Argos  

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